In-season (May-September), Bay Disposal will pick up trash and recycling twice a week on Wednesday & Saturday. During the off-season (October-April), trash and recycling is picked up once a week on Wednesday. The Whalehead Community Improvement Program has been established that provides both a roll out and a roll back service that began the week of November 21, 2011.  No longer will you or your tenants need to roll out or roll back the tote(s).  Tote(s) will be pulled to the street the afternoon before scheduled Bay Disposal pick-up dates. All tote(s) will be returned to the house by the end of the pick-up day.  The owners and/ or tenants will only need to place all trash and recyclable items in the tote(s) by noon the day before a regular scheduled Bay Disposal pickup. All items must be placed inside a tote. If you need more tote(s) be sure to order them – either from Bay Disposal or any provider of a similar tote. Trash outside of tote(s) will not be moved to the street or picked up! Bulky trash and large items that don’t fit in your tote(s) should be placed at the street by the Owner and/or tenants.  The third party contractor has been instructed not to place bulk items by the street.  They should not be responsible for determining whether an item is bulk trash. On each trash collection day, the third party contractor will note what bulk items need to be picked up on the next bulk pickup day (Wednesday only).   This information will be transmitted to both Currituck County and Bay Disposal.   The property owner may also contact Bay Disposal directly toll free at 866-312-7495, or Corolla number at  252-491-5105 for a free special pickup. Also, the contractor will inform the county of any property that has a chronic trash overflow problem (shortage of number of totes).  The county will advise the owner that they need to purchase more tote(s) in order to resolve this situation and to also comply with the county ordinance regarding the number of totes required. The county ordinance states that each rental property is required to have a trash tote per two bedrooms and a recycle tote per three trash totes.  Thus a rental property consisting of nine bedrooms would require 5 trash totes and 2 recycle totes.  The minimum number of totes for any property is one trash tote and one recycle tote. Bulk items are any items too large to be placed into totes.  Acceptable Bulk Items are: lawn chairs & recliners, hot tub covers,  brush that must be cut into 4’ lengths and bundled in 2 foot bundles, yard debris (limited to 2 cubic yards), and hot tubs (ONLY if cut into several manageable pieces).  Non Acceptable Bulk Items: Lumber and other construction debris, furniture, sofas, ping pong and other game tables, and appliances.  When you buy replacement items make sure the vendor agrees to remove the old item; this will take care of most of these items. If you need to contact the roll out/roll back contractor email Robert J DeFazio.

If you have any questions regarding an item pickup, Call Bay Disposal directly at 866-312-7495 or 252-491-5105.